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Posted by Castavia - 3 weeks ago

I thought I was cool


but then I met someone by the name Tarraka Schprichwort, turns out I'm just fool



Posted by Castavia - May 14th, 2019

It appears to be that natural selection didn't do it's job properly because I'm still here 0-0-0-0


If you are not very familiar with this is, it's a collab I was invited to and I did what I was told to do, an environmental clip


it was a journey while making this, I'd never had so much fun and dedication to finish it ever before. There were a few things I was careless about and it turned out not the best but it's okay because it happened. While you are still here, here are some behind the scenes of this animation;

Very first concept art of possible custom sprites




Prototypes of the special cell







Cancelled concept due to unfortunate events




ALSO, I have a youtube channel, there you would find Streams, animations, and random content.


I've streamed the making of cell quite a few times there, future streams coming too <><><>


I think I'm more active there than in any site, I just forgot that I made a newgrounds account to actually use for updates


I was also invited to white hank zero, more things to get excited for. I'll make sure I put more effort in this one compared to my last ones that I'm really disappointed about. No pictures for now but I'm glad to say that @TarrakaSchprichwort is working on wank0 with me on this one, he helped me out with the plot of the scene and the background (hardcore stuff). Too early to show love to him since barely anyone knows what he does but I'm sure you wont regret it if you check him out but following him.


Unfortunately delayed for wank0 as it's a much bigger priority for me right now so I'm leaving this untouched for a bit but not for long. Terry is again also working on it with me if you didn't know yet. There is nothing really to get excited about this one since we barely know how it will all turn out in the end but I'll make sure it's something memorable.


See you 30/06/2019, more update and more.

Here are some anims while you are at it.

One Two I guess thats all for now, see you next month





Posted by Castavia - January 16th, 2019

This is not your typical post, if you are looking for updates I'm sorry to disappoint you.


It's really unfair how you look up to some great friends of yours, sometimes not even friends they could just be great artists, and it fails me that there are obstacles on the way. Not between me and them (I hope not at least), but between them and their passion. It's unfair that I get an opportunity that someone else deserves, I wish I could lend it to them, I'm lucky enough to still be doing what I'm doing but it really hits me hard that I see great people with amazing plans to free their creativity. I look for meaning in everything, It can be through art or just intentions, even if that art didn't have a particular meaning I like to imagine one it's just like watching a red sky during the night, really beautiful moments such as the sunrise when there are clouds. It's unfair I'm the one who caught the chance when someone else needed it. I think they know who I'm talking to, really great people, but it's life y'know. Some get a headstart over you just because that's where their life is led to be, like destiny, really powerful meaning to it. It's hard for them to do what they want, I understand them because I relate, I'm not special but if everyone gets the same opportunity then how will we progress in all forms. Be grateful for what you have, take it for granted, you think your situation and lifestyle is really horrible but you can only imagine what your subconcious has seen. There is always worst than worst same goes for the better. Listen to your heart y'know, now what you want to be, not everything is possible but at least make something that would last longer than how long you will live until you die. You are marking this world without knowning it, the simplist and most unpredictables ways someone can get his life going because they found their passion. I wouldn't be making this post if at least 10 people who are the reason why I am here doing what I love existed. It's crazy to think about, I think the main person I want to thank is Krinkels. He grouped us all together, thank you a lot.

6669914_154766153172_IMG_4764-1300x388.jpgI apologize this was just nonesense, I promise next post to be related to my upcoming works. 

I have 2 projects that I'm working on big or not I promise to you I'll have them done one day.


Posted by Castavia - December 21st, 2018

Haha it's time to die



Posted by Castavia - December 13th, 2018

I joined this community in 2017/12/13 and did my first animation 2017/12/17 This


Anyways who gives a fuck lolol0ol, here now


6669914_154471113083_Screenshot211.png2 weeks left and 2500+ frames


SuperDDC      Aryf and Don (Sprites aryf, Streamed)      SniperExperimental



Posted by Castavia - November 9th, 2018





























When you don't get accepted in the AAHW 


Posted by Castavia - October 20th, 2018

Finished exams 2 days ago, stress-free for a few weeks. Now back to work okyy??





Posted by Castavia - September 27th, 2018

okey, sprites sprites..



This is one of my custom cell sprites (Disclaimer: not final, these pictures are outdated too lazy to take new ones) .

6669914_153807727071_Screenshot_15.pngThis one is wip either I'll scrap it or redo it.


I've been lacking for a few weeks because of the shity temporary laptop I was using, did delay my cell progress but im still going. Sprites is as much I'll show for now.


Now enough talking about cell, let's talk about the movie.

I've hit a hard spot in my brain which made me change the the whole direction of where the movie will go, rather than it being a regular tribute I'm going to focus merely on story and of course the sweet infighting. It will still be related to sanford and deimos, obviously non canon. Right now I have two fellows helping me out with the movie, cryono77 and  @TarrakaSchprichwort , an amazing artist, great detailed sprites should definitely go follow that guy. He's helping me out with the sprites as of now I'm not going to show any since I barely started the whole animating part of the movie. Sure I did make a scene before but I scrapped it, currently focusing on sketching the plot around and figuring out how to start and end.\



See you later, next post.....




Posted by Castavia - August 17th, 2018

6669914_153453223592_Poo.png​Cellification is my priority atm, so any other collabs I'm in can wait.




Some of my most recent tests


Posted by Castavia - June 30th, 2018

I don't know how to rephrase this but, my hard drive died today (I don't know any other term to replace "died"). You know what that means, yes, every shit I have done in that hard drive is gone forever. 


Aight, with all seriousness, yes, it did die and I lost EVERYTHING I did on that HD.


A day before that happened I actually saved my projects, cellification, the movie, and other sprites. Only these important flas but I'm glad those are safe. I don't know how much do I owe myself for doing that. I was initially shocked when I received these news but felt kranky after I realized they we're saved. Part of me wants to die but that fiiiine, All I can do about the other files is lay on the floor and try not to cry.



Yeah the movie is titled san and dei temporarily.